We Dance at Breaking Ground

Being a parent and signing your daughter up for her first class, you are not sure what to expect.  She loves to twirl around the living room to music, but will she like doing it in a class environment?  After looking around, we knew that Breaking Ground Dance Center in Pleasantville would be the perfect place to send her.  We met with Marissa and instantly were so excited to get started, she was so friendly and and her energy amazing- we knew if the whole staff was like her it would be easy to be apart of the Breaking Ground family.

In the beginning of September, I brought my daughter in for her fitting and couldn’t get over the cuteness it all included.  Our Ballerina was a little unsure trying on all the shoes, I guess who wouldn’t be at 2 years old, but once we got to the dress and teddy bear she was totally sold!  Breaking Ground had a great “Pirouette Pack” for us to purchase that included all of the essentials we needed to get started.  The Pack included- a Sparkle Leotard, Sparkle Teddy Bear to match, Tights, Ballet Shoes, Tap Shoes and a Bag to carry it all in!  Our Ballerina took her new bag filled with all her essentials, put it on her back and smiled her way out the door and the countdown started to the first day of class.

Ballerina and her Pirouette Pack

On the first day of dance, not sure who was more excited me or my Ballerina, we headed inside. I knew they did major renovations, but finally seeing the complete finished product I was so excited to see where we would be coming every week.  The renovations came out amazing and the vibe it had was so awesome and welcoming- we felt comfortable immediately.  As we had 2 pairs of shoes I wasn’t sure what to put on her, but right away the friendly staff guided us through the process.  Every week there would be a board in the main area that would tell us what this weeks shoe was and what next weeks would be.  We were starting with Tap shoes first, my little Ballerina was a little unsure of these shoes with metal on bottom and have to admit she was more than a little scared.  I comforted her and hoped as we went into the classroom she would feel more comfortable seeing all the other little girls with theirs on.  The teacher, Ms. Stephanie, was so incredibly nice and patient with each of the girls.  My Ballerina at first was scared and no the most willing participant but Stephanie smiled and told her she could join when she was ready.  The class started and everyone was all smiles, so was my Ballerina watching from the sidelines.  Suddenly Stephanie looked over at her and she decided it was time to try those tap shoes out and join the group.  Watching these little girls tap their way across the room had to be one of the cutest things ever to watch.  Each so excited and proud that they could do it, Stephanie kept them excited and on their toes the whole time!


Heading out there to join the class

Lined up and ready to go

Acting out the song










Next week is ballet and I know my Ballerina is going to adore that just as much as she did the tap by the end.  Our dance journey has just begun, but I can tell that we made a great choice with Breaking Ground, and can see we will be apart of their team for a long time!

Excited to come back!




Breaking Ground Dance Center


101 Castleton Street,

Pleasantville, NY 10570


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