Getting Spooky at Rocky Ledge

It’s that spooky time of year again, and we just could not wait to get scared! The chills and thrills make this time of year so scary but yet so exciting.  Making plans with my friend Frank, from Twisted Bangz, we could not think of a better place to start the season off right than The Haunt at Rocky Ledge in White Plains.  Pulling up and seeing the Haunt at Rocky Ledge sign my anticipation started to grow.  We pulled up the road and had the option to park or drop off (for parents dropping off their kids its super easy to do!) we parked and started to head over to the line.  The Haunt opens at 7pm on Sunday’s, so we were a few minutes early and there was a line of people anxiously waiting to get in.  We joined them and the jitters started to come more as clowns and scary old ladies started walking up and down the line.  My heart really started racing when I realized a lady was walking a scary man on a leash right behind me!  The line started to move and I was so intrigued watching the juggling act, as cool at it was there was something still spooky about him.

Welcome to the Haunt at Rocky Ledge

Me and Frank with the Scary Clown

Crazy Lady

Scary Rotting Man on a Leash












When we finally got to the front of the line to go in, my heart really started to race.  We put our phones away, got our brave faces on and headed down the dirt road to be scared like we never have before.  Partially outdoors in the woods and indoors, there is something new and spooky around every corner.  Even when you think you know someone is coming, no matter what you are surprised and your heart will be racing the whole time. I wont ruin it for you, I want you to be so surprised walking through, but be prepared to scream and be scared!

Jack O Lanterns


The Haunt at Rocky Ledge

1402 Old Orchard St

White Plains, NY

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