Bedford Hills Barbell

On the hunt for a gym with a real personalized feel or are you tired to being left to your own vices? Working out can make you feel happier, help you lose weight, increase your energy level along with lots of other great benefits we have all heard before. The challenge for many of us is what do we do when we get to the gym? Do you stretch enough, what is the right mix of exercises, how do you track your progress, what is right for your body, the questions go on and on. The reality for many of us is that we are confused and can be lost. Doing the same thing day after day, year after year, and not getting the results we want- So you either end up frustrated or quit. Everyones body is different and a plan needs to be tailored for you. Bedford Hill Barbell is built on that principal exactly. Owned and operated by husband and wife Mike & Robin Grasso who are both fitness enthusiast and have a passion for helping individuals reach their personal goals.   Mike was diagnosed at the age of 5 with type 1 diabetes and never let it stop him or hold him back in life.  He has learned to adapt to this difficult circumstance, even though his nutrition, workout, sleep and activity are affected on a daily basis. Mike learned first hand how important a personalized plan is and wants to help others with what their personal challenges are. While training at Bedford Hills Barbell you will will set measurable goals with your trainer and receive lifestyle coaching and accountability along with your training to help you meet your goals. From finding eating habits that work for you and your schedule, to learning the right stretches to not get injured.

Owners of Bedford Hills Barbell, Mike and Robin Grasso

Bedford Hills Barbell offers a variety of different training options. From group classes, group training (if you have some friends you want to train with), personal training, or athletic training to strengthen your mobility training in the off season. What makes Bedford Hills Barbell unique compared to many other gyms is the way the schedule is ran. “Offering a personalized feel requires giving up other things”, said owner Mike Grasso. The challenge with personal training at many larger gyms is there are so many other people around and you may not have access to the equipment you need. So we made it that there is only specific open gym hours to keep the focus on the personal attention of those while they were here limiting distractions.

One thing you can count on here is working with a family that cares. They don’t just talk about these principles they live them every day and share them with their community. Stop by and see what it is for yourself.


56 Babbit Rd, bedford Hills NY


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